606 E Central Texas Expy
Killeen, TX 76542
(254) 634-6868


Fort Hood Army Base

Fort Hood, TX 76544 Phone : (254) 286-5139


Like the State of Texas, Fort Hood is big and boasts of being the largest active duty armored post in the United States Armed Services. Fort Hood is nicknamed The Great Place because of the quality of life the post and area offer Soldiers and their families. These qualities are important, especially with home-basing initiatives, frequent deployments and family stability and support.

Soldiers assigned to Fort Hood can expect to have one of the highest quality of life standards in the Army. New housing, quality medical care, thriving communities, recreation and schools combine to ensure that Fort Hood is The Great Place.

Fort Hood covers a total of 340-square miles and supports multiple units, a corps headquarters and a robust mobilization mission. Fort Hood also meets the training and support requirements for many smaller units and organizations, thus maintaining a vital defense force for the United States of America.

Fort Hood rests in the beautiful 'hill and lake' country of Central Texas between Killeen and Copperas Cove and is approximately 60 miles north of the capital city of Austin, 50 miles south of Waco, 160 miles south of Dallas, and 150 miles north of San Antonio.

For everyone who enjoys the outdoors, The Great Place is the ideal location, because of warm winters and hot summers. The nearby lakes, Belton and Stillhouse, offer year round outdoor recreation activities.

Fort Hood also captures the attention of the entertainment industry and is the frequent host of celebrities, entertainers and theatrical shows from national dance teams. There are also many opportunities to enjoy the Central Texas atmosphere at Fort Hood, as local talent is frequently performing at Fort Hood clubs.

With all the current deployments, be sure to make the most of available down time at Fort Hood. The Fort Hood experience is only limited by the individual. So, make the most of the time here!

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Army Community Service
Bldg. 121, The Rivers Bldg.
Corner of 761st Tank Bn. Ave. & T.J. Mills Blvd.
Phone: 254-287-4227

Army Education Center
Bldg: 33009
Phone: 254-287-7329

Army Emergency Relief
Bldg # 121
Corner of 761st Tank Bn. Ave. & T.J. Mills Blvd.
Phone: 254-288-5003

Child & Youth Services Central Registration
Bldg # 18010, Rm. 209B
Corner of T.J. Mills Blvd. & Battalion Ave.
Phone: 254-287-8029 or 288-7155
Email: cysregistration@hood.army.mil

Child Development Centers

  • Fort Hood CDC - Bldg: 113
    Phone: 254-287-6037
  • Clear Creek CDC - Bldg: 4819
    Phone: 254-288-5222
  • Comanche CDC - Bldg: 52024
    Phone: 254-287-4848
  • Chaffee CDC - Bldg: 198
    Phone: 254-287-6037

DEERS, ID Card & CAC Office
Copeland Soldiers Center - Bldg: 18010, Rm. B115
Phone: 254-287-5670

Family & Morale, Welfare & Recreation
Bldg: 194
Phone: 254-288-6414

Finance/Defense Military Pay Office

  • 13th Finance Management Center
    Phone: 254-287-2708
  • 15th Financial Management Company
    Bldg: 2805
    Phone: 254-288-7987
  • Defense Military Pay Office
    Bldg: 18010, Rm. A209
    Phone: 254-286-5986

Client Services Office (Legal Assistance & Claims)
4617 Santa Fe Ave
Bldg: 4617 (Santa Fe & 72d St)

  • Legal Assistance, Rm 135 - 254-287-7901/3199
  • Claims, Rm 137 - 254-287-7722

Military Treatment Facility
Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center
36000 Darnall Loop
Information Line: 254-288-8000
Appointment Line: 254-288-8888
or: 800-305-6421 FREE
Cancellation Line: 254-288-7777

TRICARE Service Center - TRICARE South
Santa Fe Ave.
Bldg: 36029
Phone: 800-444-5445 FREE

TRICARE Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance
Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center
Phone: 254-288-8155

DENTAC Headquarters
Phone: 254-287-3105

Troop Dental Clinics

  • Dental In-Processing Center
    Phone: 254-287-0065
  • Billy Johnson Dental Clinic
    Phone: 254-286-7401 /7402
  • Dental Clinic 2 (Hospital)
    Phone: 254-288-8230
  • Dental Clinic 3
    Phone: 254-288-7830
  • Dental Clinic 5
    Phone: 254-288-7863
  • Perkins Dental Clinic
    Phone: 254-288-7740

TRICARE Dental Program
TRICARE Dental Benefit Advisor
Phone: 1-855-638-8371 FREE

Youth Services

  • Comanche Youth Center
    Bldg: 52019
    Tank Destroyer near Comanche III
    Phone: 254-287-5834
  • High Chaparral Youth Center
    Bldg: 5485
    In Pershing Park
    Phone: 254-287-5845
  • Bronco Youth Center
    Bldg: 6602
    East side on Tank Destroyer Blvd.
    Phone: 254-287-8941










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